When people think of the Caribbean, they often focus on many different areas, but the region of Cancun should certainly be mentioned. Since the 1970s, it’s been a hot spot for vacationers, and rightfully so. However, before that it was a deserted island made up of a group of sand dunes that formed the number ‘7.” Two narrow canals separated it from the mainland. Interesting, even the name of the  island was unclear. It was sometimes called, “Kankun,” which means “pot/nest” of snakes in the Maya language.

Cancun in 1978

The history of Cancun actually dates back to the year 1967. That’s when the Mexican government recognized tourism’s significance to the nation’s economic future. That’s when it started searching for ideal locations for developing tourism. It decided to consider developing a region of the NE corner of the Peninsula of Yucatan located within the state of Quintana Roo. Cancun was a portion of the ancient Mayan civilization.

Then in 1969 the Cancun Project was approved officially and was launched in January 1970. At first the goals of the project were to open a land that connected Puerto Juarez to the Cancun island and build a short-term airstrip.

The Hotel Zone was based on the idea of “supermanzanas” or subdivisions.  In fact, the development of the Hotel Zone was separated into three phases. The design involved creating large city blocks separated by big avenues. This resulted in Tulum Avenue, the main street of the city. It was followed by various types of first infrastructure projects, including for drinking water, electricity, and sewage.

The first Cancun hotels opened in 1974. In addition, the inauguration of the area’s first international airport took place. It included a 2,000 meter-long runway, and could accommodate wide-cabin airplanes as well.

The first hotel in cancun

Since 1989, Cancun has been Mexico’s most lively city. It earns a big percentage of the country’s tourism revenue. Today, the urban area includes over half a million inhabitants. Cancun has also become the nation’s largest tourism resort and is also the wealthiest city located on the Yucatan Peninsula. Cancun has even become the top destination of the Caribbean. It’s passed other popular destinations, including Puerto Rico and the Bahamas.

The future looks very bright for Cancun. Puerto Cancun is a gigantic, deluxe marina that consists of low-impact hotels and is planned to be developed above the Hotel Zone. In addition, in the southwest region close to the airport, additional hotels, a modern medical center, and golf courses are scheduled to be built. Besides that, major development of sorts is being considered for the tourism corridor of Cancun-Tulum.

Cancun then and now

Today, you can enjoy one of the many tourist attractions in Cancun. There’s Mahahaul, the blue peace of the Caribbean, which is a peaceful fisherman village. There’s also Holbox Island, a small heaven-on-earth destination that includes 36 km of white/coral sand beaches. Renting a yacht or boat from us is the best way to explore Holbox and nearby islands including Isla Mujeres, where you will be able to swim,  snorkel, and enjoy the pristine white sandy beaches.

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