Today there are several yacht brands on the market, so it can be difficult to decide which one to purchase. However, there are some established brands that are generally market leaders when it comes to luxury yachts. Many of today’s most popular and successful brands are available to rent from our site.

1. Sunseeker

Sunseeker started out as a small brand but has become one of the industry’s leaders in the global yacht market. In fact, today it produces some of the world’s top motor yachts. Each boat takes an innovative and strict approach in the design, construction, and performance.


Sunseeker yachts are built in Poole, located on England’s south coast. The company has 2,000 employees and has a distributor network on every continent of the world. Sunseeker yachts are available from 40 to 155 feet and represent the leading edge of yachts. Sunseeker is a leader in the industry because it works to be the top yacht company in today’s marine market. Here are some of its top models:

155 Yacht: It’s easy to spot this Sunseeker yacht due to its style and design. The yacht features an exquisite interior as well as an impressive exterior.

130 Sport Yacht: It combines raw power and complex style. The 2.5 deck combines comfort with high style and includes high-end materials and technologies.

2. Azimut Yachts

The company’s history started in 1969 when a university student founded the company. The next year it started distributing boats of big yachting brands, and also started designing its own yachts. It became a game-changer by defining new industry standards and style, which would change the boat-building business. They included electric seats, frameless windows, and walnut interiors. Starting in the late 1990s, it became one of the world’s leaders in yacht building.


Here are some of its top models:

Flybridge: This yacht collection features space, elegance, and agility. It allows its passengers to truly take in the sights of the sea. It has the world’s widest range of products.

Atlantis: These yachts are sporty, high-powered, and high-performance. It allows its passengers for cruising, creating a balance between the quality and safety of yachts.

3. Princess

Princess is a British motor yacht maker. It is French majority owned and is based in England. Its model line-up includes various Flybridge yachts. In 2008, Beck sold a 75% stake of the investment group of a French businessman. It includes 60 worldwide luxury brands. Every Princess model that is up to 85 feet meets the requirements of RINA Green Plus, which is an environmental accreditation that applies to every model. Here are some of the company’s models:

98 Motor Yacht:

This model includes customization and a great exterior area for hosting guests. There’s also enough space for furniture or a spa bath, and room to store things. A jet ski could be stored there. This is ideal for guests who enjoy water sports.

75: Motor Yacht: This yacht provides fast and efficient cruising, allowing passengers to drop to lower speeds for planning. The deck’s layout includes many options for relaxing or entertaining. That includes a U-shaped seating/sunbathing area. There’s also an option of a Jacuzzi spa bath or area to fit a crane and store things.

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