When choosing yachts, there are several different styles to choose from. Selecting the right one can be difficult. However, knowing the basics of the different styles will certainly help to make the choice easier. Here are some of the main types of yacht styles available to rent from our site.

1. Mega Yacht

A mega yacht is actually a privately-owned yacht that has dimensions of more than 24 meters. It also hauls a professional crew. The prices of these yachts are quite high, even if you buy them second-hand.

There are now more than 10,000 mega yachts in the world, and about 150 new units are manufactured and delivered each year. The most popular type is motor yachts.  Meanwhile, sailing yachts make up less than one-fifth of all mega yachts that exist today.


Mega yachts are most often 35-40 meters long. However, they can also be as large as cruise ships. The largest mega yacht is the Azzam, which is 180 meters long.

There are many advantages provided by mega yachts, especially related to their size. However, a related drawback is that they come with a high price tag, which is quite steep for most consumers, even those in the market for yachts.

2. Sport Yacht

This type of yacht is noticeable in any type of waters. The exterior of these yachts are noticeable lower and more streamlined, but none of the luxuries of the interior are compromised. Usually, it offers a high degree of comfort for both the owner of the yacht and also the guests. Such boats are very practical yet also powerful.

When people think of yachts they tend to think of big and bulky vehicles. However, one of the key features of a yacht sport is that it combines the prestige of a yacht, with the sportiness of speedboats and other similar marine vessels.


Sport Yachts combine power, performance, and style. They’re a great choice for those who enjoy stylish sophistication. They include features such as high-end materials and techs. They’re also great for entertaining and include impressive dining areas saloons. However, the performance is never compromised.

That’s one of the keys to this style of yacht. Even with its huge size and stylish appearance, the yachts still provide high-performance boating, which is certainly one of their keys, and distinguish them from other styles of luxury boats.

3. Yacht Predator

This is one of the most breathtaking boats on the market. It combines outstanding acceleration with an amazing exterior. This offers an amazing amount of comfort for the owner and also the guests. Such boats could be best described as being practical but also powerful.


These yachts are often built for speed and are quite sleek. However, besides being fast, such yachts are also quite roomy, so they can accommodate several crewmembers and guests. Even though these yachts are fast, the interiors are quite stylish and comfortable. In addition, it also often includes various features including natural light illumination. Such yachts also feature contemporary design, style, and modern tech.

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